Lady Lisa Noel

High Priestess

My husband and I are local to Central PA. I am General Manager of an Independent Multi-line Adjusting Company. I enjoy being involved in various organizations, serve on a number of boards and am one of 4 elected auditors for my local government.

My husband and I are blessed to have two beautiful boys. Our eldest is nearly finished with his bachelors degree and will be applying for his Master's program in Speech Language Pathology. Our younger son, plans on studying mechanical engineering when he attends college. My husband, Dane, is a Nobel. He belongs to Hiram Lodge and is a member of the Cycle Corp at the Jaffa Shrine. He was a Shriner kid.

I am so proud to call LOSNA – Jobel Court No. 11, my Court. We work hard at planning and fundraising for our great events like our annual basket bingo and I love seeing our Court come together.

Our ladies work together to help one-another, and to build one-another up. We really are a great team.

Reach out to myself, or one of the other officers for more information on joining our AMAZING Court!

Lady Paula Salyards


Lady Jolinda Love

Associate Princess

Lady Susan Daugherty, PHP Recorder

Lady Christine Lynn


Lady Cynthia Settle

1st Ceremonial Lady

Lady Misty Steinbacher

2nd Ceremonial Lady

Lady Robin Collins, PHP

Trustee One Year

Lady Marissa Ralston, PHP Trustee Two Year

Lady Susie Nagle, PHP

Trustee Three Year

Lady Patty Berkheimer, PHP President, Jobel Jewlz

Lady Erin Rinehart

Oriental Guide

Lady Amanda Kessling


Lady Kathy Brown, PHP


Lady Diane Harris


Lady Juls Bratton, PHP


Lady Linda Mash

Inner Guard

Lady Patty Berkheimer, PHP

Outer Guard

Lady Paula Binus, PHP


Lady Juls Bratton, PHP

Advisor to HP

Lady Jeanette Wanser, PHP

Inviting Marshal